has made a 'dream' offer to by asking his childhood hero to play doubles at next year's Olympics. Nadal has revealed that he is set to retire in 2024 after struggling with injuries in the latter part of his career.

A hip injury has ruled Nadal out of the French Open and Wimbledon this summer, throwing into doubt whether he will add to his 22 Grand Slams. Spanish prospect Alcaraz wants to play doubles with his countryman before the veteran bows out of the sport.

Alcaraz has pinpointed the 2024 Olympics in Paris as the perfect opportunity to team up with Nadal. The 20-year-old said: "For me, it could be a dream playing doubles with him, you know, in the Olympics.

"So of course let's see. Let's see how he's doing and how he's going, you know, in this year. Hopefully, you know, he's going great. But yeah, for me it could be a dream to play doubles with him."

Nadal revealed last week that he intended to join long-term rival Roger Federer by stepping away from tennis. The 36-year-old admitted he plans to retire sometime during 2024.

Speaking about his decision to withdraw from the French Open, a tournament he has won 14 times, Nadal said: "I didn't make the decision, my body made the decision. To play Roland Garros is impossible.

"Next year will probably be my last year. That is my idea. If I keep going now I won't be able to make it happen."

Alcaraz conceded he 'felt bad' when he heard of Nadal's decision to step aside from the competition, saying: "Well, I felt bad when I heard that Rafa... he was not able to play here in Roland Garros and probably the rest of the year.

"You know, as a fan of tennis, I always watch Rafa playing. I always want to watch the best players in the world playing the tournaments.

"And of course learning from them really close, here in the locker rooms, you know, around the club, the tournament for me is great. When I hear that (Nadal's possible retirement), for me, it was tough to understand how it's gonna be without Rafa this year. Hopefully to see him next year that he's 100 per-cent."

Alcaraz has long been seen as tennis' heir to Nadal. However, the youngster, who won his maiden Grand Slam in the US at the backend of last year, refused to be drawn on the comparisons of the pair at the same age.

He said: "You know, it's different time when he was 20 years old. I can't say right now if I'm stronger right now than him at the same age. Of course he did great things at my age, but I can't answer that question."

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