Peter Windsor has an idea who is behind the allegations against Susie and Toto Wolff. The former Williams team manager smells a familiar odour surrounding this affair.

On Tuesday, the FIA came out with a statement that they wanted to investigate the integrity of a team boss in F1. Everyone knew it was about the rumoured information leaked between the married couple. Mercedes and Susie, therefore, reacted with outrage in a statement later that day.

Who is behind Wolff's accusations?

"Some people, I am not sure who, have said isn't there a conflict of interest," Windsor asked in the latest video on his YouTube channel. "I smell Bernie Ecclestone behind all this. The magazine it appeared in (Business F1) is a magazine he has always been friendly with and has put stories or ideas towards. I am not saying that for sure, but it has got that feel to it. Bernie would like to do it I think."

Those not behind it are the F1 teams. At least, that's what it looked like when all nine (other) teams released a statement saying they had not reported the issue. Whether the anonymous team boss the magazine had used as a source joined the mob in this will not become clear.

Christian Horner, long pointed to as the possible culprit, also made himself heard. The Red Bull Racing team boss also clearly stated that he was not the one who had raised the alarm. Earlier in the day, that was, in fact, the rumour that came out.

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