Sky Sports F1 pundit Ted Kravitz has revealed a brilliant but simple way of describing tyre graining after many drivers experienced issues at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Always one to pull out all of the stops, a dressed-up Kravitz took centre stage after the race around the street circuit to explain what is meant by graining.

In his ever-entertaining Notebook show, Kravitz used a rubber and paper to show how grains on the tyres can cause cars to lose grip.

Throughout the weekend, many drivers complained about the low grip levels, partly caused by the cold temperatures and new track surface for the event in Sin City.

Drivers' complaints

Lando Norris lost control of his car heading into turn 12, causing a huge shunt into the barriers, while Daniel Ricciardo questioned the safety of the track after practice.

Now Kravitz has explained that, just like the rubber shavings that are left behind on paper once the eraser has been used, the surface of the tyre picks up grains, meaning that there isn't a proper connection between the tyre and the road.

This then makes the surface slippery for drivers.

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