McLaren have only managed to win one Grand Prix in the 2024 Formula 1 season so far, but there could (and perhaps should) have been more. Lando Norris, for instance, saw his hopes of a home win in Britain dashed last week after a wrong tyre change, but in terms of speed he probably had the fastest car. Just as the Briton could have had the best car in the previous races each time.

Whether it be the slow, twisty circuits or the tracks with lots of high-speed corners; McLaren has competed at the top every time so far. Unlike Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari, they all had a circuit somewhere that hampered them. Bad news for these teams, McLaren assumes they will be competitive everywhere and at every circuit this season.

Piastri expects McLaren to perform well everywhere

"I think we will perform everywhere," Oscar Piastri told the likes of GPblog. "I think there'll be relative weaknesses and strengths compared to other teams. You know, Ferrari were very strong in Monaco. Red Bull, I would say, quite strong in Austria, especially in the high-speed. So there's going to be chops and changes between everybody. Mercedes are in the fight now as well with Ferrari, too. So I think we should be confident we'll be competitive everywhere."

"We've been one of the quickest cars at basically everywhere we've gone. So I think with the amount of data and evidence we've had already, I think we can be confident we'll be good everywhere," said Piastri, who will travel with his team to the Hungaroring next week for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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