Lewis Hamilton has insisted that the Spanish Grand Prix will provide the “perfect test track” for Mercedes following the upgrades they introduced to the W14 in Monaco last weekend.

Home to the 2022 pre-season testing, Barcelona is set to be a different kind of litmus test for Mercedes this weekend.

Monaco was never going to paint a clear picture for the impact of the W14 upgrades brought by the Silver Arrows, but Hamilton now feels that the team are about to find out exactly where the car compares to the rest of the grid.

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“You can’t really feel a lot in Monaco,” he told Sky Sports. “You would never choose to test an upgrade at Monaco.

“This is the perfect test track, a lot medium and high-speed corners, so we should get a really good understanding of where stand compared to the others.

“This is where I think there are some other people [teams] bringing some upgrades this weekend, but from what I felt from the last race, I’m really intrigued to see what it feels like here [in Barcelona].

“Our race was pretty decent last year here, even though we had the puncture at the start, but I’m hoping it’s a better weekend.

“We didn’t get a lot of data from last weekend [in Monaco],” he added. “We had to take off sensors because the car was heavy and you have to be light, so this is where we will get the most information.”

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