Lewis Hamilton has said Red Bull could be so far ahead of their rivals that their dominance continues beyond the 2026 rules revamp.

While the seven-time world champion believes Mercedes had little chance of competing with a rampant Red Bull this season, he will understand how similar levels of dominance come about at the top of motorsport.

Indeed, Hamilton enjoyed a remarkable, trophy-laden spell earlier in his career, with the Silver Arrows the cream of the crop for years on end.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Hamilton said the sport needs to 'figure out a way' of preventing teams streaking so far ahead with the early development of cars.

Hamilton: Steep road ahead

"The one great thing about our team is, OK, maybe we started off with the wrong package, but it's a great team in terms of coming together and evolving and developing," Hamilton said.

"We are very, very good team in general in developing and trying to catch up, but it's just a very steep road from where we started.

"When we were winning world championships, we could stop early and start developing next year's car so we always had a head start.

"That's why I've been saying we should probably figure out a way to stop that so it continues to happen decade after decade.

"You've got Ferrari who won for such a period of time and then Mercedes. Now Red Bull have their period of time.

"They could be going until 2026 with this, they could be that far ahead, or maybe the other teams will figure it out. Hopefully, we will figure it out and close that gap.”

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