has pledged to get revenge at the Monaco Grand Prix after the Spaniard was stuck behind Sergio Perez. The Aston Martin driver was forced to slow down after Perez slowed on the racing line at the entrance to Massenet.

Perez continued to be an obstacle until the exit of Casino Square when he eventually moved aside. However, Alonso blasted the Mexican and hinted he would be following his footsteps at some stage during the weekend.

Moaning over team radio, Alonso said: "These guys are incredible. Incredible." Alonso's race engineer, Chris Cronin replied: "Yep, you did your best there and he didn't help back, copy that."

Alonso added: "Yeah I don't care. I will be on the racing line all the slow laps."

Cronin seemed to agree with the double world champion, commenting: "Yep, copy that. That was Perez." Alonso was caught out again in FP2 as he closed on an Alpine and Ferrari in the final sector.

The 41-year-old was left frustrated again and made his feelings clear on team radio. After being forced to abandon his lap, Alonso added: "I am speechless with these guys."

Aston Martin enjoyed a successful Friday with the British manufacturer right on the pace of the frontrunners. Alonso was second fastest in FP1 with a lap just three-tenths slower than pacesetter Carlos Sainz.

The former McLaren and Ferrari star was even more competitive in the afternoon session as he split the Red Bulls. Alonso was second quickest, just two-tenths behind Max Verstappen but just faster than Sergio Perez.

F1 TV commentator Alex Jacques claimed Alonso's team radio comments suggest the Spaniard feels Aston Martin can really challenge this weekend. He commented: "The intensity of Alonso at the radio means he knows the chance. They will work overnight, this will be so crucial for who can take this step forward up."

Earlier this month, Alonso suggested he and Aston Martin could challenge for the win in Monaco. He was upbeat on Thursday, suggesting he was prepared to attack more than usual to get the best possible result.

He explained: "If I tell you that I don't come here thinking that I can win the race, I will lie to you, because this is a one-off opportunity. We know that Monaco, Singapore, there are specific race tracks that you need to gain the confidence on the free practice, get closer and closer to the walls, and yeah, I will attack more than any other weekend, yes."

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