Red Bull boss Christian Horner is adamant that Monaco must stay on the F1 calendar, and believes alterations to create at least one overtake-generating area would go a long way to helping the racing spectacle.

Formula 1 has now moved on to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with the Spanish Grand Prix race weekend looming, though the previous weekend offered up a Monaco Grand Prix which did deliver the drama to ensure it was one of the best in recent times.

That was though mainly thanks to a heavy downpour at around two-thirds race distance, initially leaving the area around Mirabeau and Portier soaked, but the rest of the track dry, before the rain then spread across the circuit.

As for the overtaking action, while there was more than what was seen a year prior, overtaking nonetheless remains extremely difficult when these bulky Formula 1 cars are sent around the narrow Monte Carlo street track.

That being said, even the smaller and more nimble cars of Formula 2 and Formula 3 struggled to get any real overtaking action going.

It means then that the debate will continue to rumble on regarding Monaco’s place on the F1 calendar, despite its status as the crown jewel and one-third of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’.

Horner is adamant though that Formula 1 must continue racing in Monaco, albeit with the need for change recognised and acted upon. recommends

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And the Red Bull principal’s suggestion is that focus is placed on a specific area of the track to make overtaking much easier, which could then serve to elevate the on-track competition.

“It’s a must-have race on the calendar and you accept the compromises of the circuit because of the history, Horner told Mirror Sport. “But that’s not to say you can’t improve things for the future and we need to be looking 10 years down the road.

“The cars are so big now you can barely get them around the circuit, let alone side-by-side. That’s something Formula 1 needs to think about for the future. Even in the Formula 3 race earlier there was no overtaking, or in Formula 2, and those cars are a lot lighter and pretty agile.

“What we need to look at, is there a way to generate at least one overtaking area on the circuit? But it’s unimaginable to think of Formula 1 without the Monaco Grand Prix. All the races have the same points but some of them just mean that bit more – and this is one of them. This is the one you want to be seen winning.”

And win is exactly what Red Bull did, Max Verstappen taking the chequered flag with a margin of 28 seconds over Fernando Alonso as Red Bull continued their 100 per cent winning record in F1 2023.


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