A new power unit was in Max Verstappen's Red Bull in Canada for just a few sessions before the Dutchman had a problem with it. Red Bull's engine supplier Honda is currently investigating whether or not the power unit can be repaired, but the Austrian team was forced to give Verstappen his fourth power unit of the season already in Barcelona.

The Dutchman has already reached the maximum number of engines he can use during the season. Another change to a new engine (already used engines can be used indefinitely) will land him a grid penalty. With 14 Grands Prix weekends to go, the three-time world champion is likely to suffer with a grid penalty.  

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team boss, was fairly clear after the Spanish Grand Prix: "We've got to see how it plays out. But I think it's inevitable that he’ll take an extra engine."

10 grid spots back with a fifth power unit

The next time Verstappen gets a new engine, it automatically means a grid penalty of 10 spots. He will not be given a new power unit, if at all possible, at a circuit where overtaking opportunities are limited. Red Bull will want to maximise the power of their new engine when they eventually have to sacrifice 10 places. 

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