Adrian Newey’s F1 future has taken a significant twist, with Ferrari allegedly losing a key figure within their team.

Since announcing his departure from Red Bull, speculation over Newey’s next venture has been rife, with the engineer attached to just about every F1 team.

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Reports have ranged from a secret signing with Ferrari in Italy, to a private tour of the Aston Martin factory.

However, the departure of a key figure from Ferrari’s technical team may leave an opening for Newey.

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Ferrari ‘lose’ key staff member

Despite loyalty to the team that has lasted decades, reported that Aston Martin have signed Ferrari aerodynamicist Enrico Cardile.

"After some persuasive phone calls and negotiations, the Italian engineer will join Aston Martin," the report alleges.

His potential role at the Silverstone-based team, or his move in general, have not been confirmed by Aston Martin, but if proved true it is undoubtedly a blow to Fred Vasseur and Ferrari.

Cardile has been part of the Ferrari family since his time at university, finally moving across to their F1 team as Head of Aerodynamic Development in 2016.

If confirmed, this will be a significant loss to Fred Vasseur’s technical department, who has been on a rampant recruitment drive since taking the reins at Ferrari.

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Vasseur has recently poached Mercedes engineer Loïc Serra who will become Ferrari’s Head of Chassis Performance in October 2024.

However, according to the report, if Cardile leaves for Aston Martin, Serra will take over his responsibilities, meaning Newey would surely not become the team’s technical director. previously reported that Vasseur’s attempts to attract the likes of Serra and Newey could alienate Enrico Cardile - a fear that may have materialised.

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