Phil Mickelson stooped a bit too low for some on social media recently after choosing to respond to a questionable post about Hideki Matsuyama.

It all started with a Twitter account named 'LIV Golf Enthusiast' sharing a photograph - clearly taken without permission - of former Masters champion Matsuyama standing in line waiting to board a Spirit Airlines flight, an airline not exactly known for luxury and comfort.

Twitter's resident LIV Golf enthusiast couldn't resist pointing out that Matsuyama would be traveling in a lot more luxury had he decided to take up a lucrative offer to join the breakaway tour.

"Hideki Matsuyama was swayed by the PGA Tour to turn down 9 figures from LIV Golf, Captaincy of his own team & a yearly tournament in Japan. Now he's flying standby at Spirit Airlines," the account quipped, before sharing a line from the Frank Sinatra song 'My Way' about having a few regrets.

Some might consider Mickelson above responding to such a post -- but they'd be wrong.

"This isn't how the HYFLYERS FLY," Lefty tweeted back. "Hideki should come fly with us."

Of course, given that Matsuyama is a Masters champion and one of the most high-profile golfers on the planet, he could probably afford a pricier flight if he wanted one.

Nevertheless, if reports are true, the Japanese star turned down as much as $300-400 million to join the Saudi-backed tour, so maybe Lefty and his fellow LIV Golf enthusiast did manage to hit Matsuyama where it hurts.

Whatever the case, many fans were in agreement that Mickelson's comment lacked class.

"Phil you should try some of Hideki's humility," one user replied. "I love your new book Phil. 'How to Destroy Your Legacy One Post at a Time.'"

"You guys fly Saudi Air?" another user quipped back.

"Yes, but he has integrity intact. He is a gentleman and someone to look up to. Some things are more important to some people than money and greed," another summed up.

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