After Everton’s 10-point deduction for financial irregularities, both Manchester City and Chelsea face harsher sanctions.

Everton was the first, but according to reports out of England, Chelsea and Manchester City could follow as the Premier League cracks down on financial irregularities in the league.

Both clubs are under investigation and if found guilty the sanctions could be the harshest in Premier League history. The clubs, like Everton, are suspected of financial irregularities.

Manchester City is accused of 115 financial irregularities, but the case could not be settled until about two years from now. In the case of Chelsea, the new owners were the first to report irregularities.

30-point ban for Chelsea and Manchester City?

Chelsea’s new ownership group were the first to point out that during Roman Abramovich’s reign substantial payments that would have broken Premier League rules were made.

At the moment, the Premier League have not charged Chelsea as of yet but if found guilty the points deduction could be a 30-point ban. The same applies to Manchester City.

UEFA or FIFA has not filed charges against both clubs either, Chelsea has a lot of question marks as the club spent over $1 billion on new players in less than one year, and how all that transfer spend meets regulation guidelines is up for review.

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