Football fans have revealed the top 25 topics related to the sport that they feel most confident chatting away about – including club chants, stadium names around the world, and former football show pundits.

The top area they have the most knowledge about is the history of the club they support – with 26% able to list the players who have captained their team.

For die-hard fans of the beautiful game, it seems no trivia is too innocuous, as almost a quarter (24%) can happily talk about random managers from back in the day.

And seemingly meaningless matches from when they were growing up also featured on the football trivia list – as did the hairstyles of certain players from their childhood.

In fact, the survey of 2,000 fans found that one in four would claim to have an “encyclopaedic” knowledge of the game – with many indulging in a bit of nostalgia when discussing football.

More than a fifth (23%) love to chat about players from the '90s, and 16% enjoy reminiscing on retro kits from their childhood.

It also emerged that over half (54%) believe football conversations are the best way to break the ice – and 52% have found themselves nattering to a complete stranger in a pub about it.

The research was commissioned by Budweiser Brewing Group, who alongside TNT Sport, are hosting a pub takeover in Newcastle, with former players Nolberto Solano and Andrew Cole, and presenter Will Brazier, as the Magpies take on Paris St Germain on Tuesday, November 28.

The study found 65% of fans have learnt their knowledge by sitting through hours and hours of matches over the years, while 41% have learnt from talking with other fans, and 37% attribute it to reading articles online.

However, 24% believe they have gathered their know-how because of the time they have spent in the pub watching games with other fans.

When it comes to catching a game at the local, 53% love the lively atmosphere it generates, and 42% enjoy the big-screen experience.

Nearly a third (31%) of pub-goers enjoy being able to watch the action unfold with their favourite pint, and the same percentage love being able to celebrate with other fans.

More often than not, 38% always try to catch the really big games at the pub, as 56% agree it is the next best place to watch football after being in the stadium itself.

On average, viewers arrive nearly 25 minutes before kick-off – with 58% of those polled, via OnePoll, wanting to get there early to grab a drink before the game gets underway.

Jean David Thumelaire, from Budweiser Brewing Group, which is inviting fans to watch the game at The Grove and take part in a Q&A with the former St James’ Park favourites, said: “We know that for football fans, pubs are among their favourite places to enjoy the beautiful game – and we can only imagine the excitement for Newcastle fans, seeing their club back playing European football.

“To celebrate our partnership with TNT Sport, helping pubs create memorable experiences for their customers, we can’t wait to open the doors for a night to remember – no matter the outcome.”


  1. The history of the club they support
  2. Former captains of the club they support
  3. Former presenters and pundits on football shows (e.g. Match of the Day)
  4. Random managers from back in the day
  5. Stadium names from around the world
  6. Past winners of certain competitions
  7. Random players from the 1990s
  8. Nicknames of certain players
  9. Wondergoals scored throughout the years
  10. Club chants
  11. Retro kits from back in the day
  12. Football games they played when growing up (e.g. FIFA, Football Manager)
  13. Former club shirt sponsors
  14. Record transfer fees
  15. How much certain players cost
  16. Terrible refereeing decisions from games over the years
  17. Player's hairstyles from when they were growing up
  18. Different competitions which no longer exist (e.g. UEFA Intertoto Cup)
  19. Seemingly meaningless matches from when they were growing up
  20. The hometowns of football players
  21. The next big player coming through their club's academy
  22. How many goals certain players scored in their careers
  23. Stadium capacities across the country
  24. How certain players wore their kits (e.g. long-sleeved shirts, socks down low, etc.)
  25. How many international caps certain players have

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