Premier League clubs are meeting on Tuesday to discuss the terms of a landmark £915million settlement with the EFL.

The proposed 'New Deal' would see Premier League clubs give money to lower divisions over a six-year period.

A final agreement has not yet been struck with clubs needing to settle on how much each team should contribute, with some arguing that the Premier League’s conventional ‘Big Six’ should pay a larger share.

There is hope that a deal can be agreed to ensure there is no need for football’s new independent regulator to intervene.

In June, a report by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee said that if no funding plan was reached soon, then the Government should accelerate bringing in the regulator to impose a deal.

“Unless the football authorities get their act together soon on agreeing a fairer share of revenue, we risk more clubs collapsing, with the devastating impact that can have on local communities,” said chair Dame Caroline Dinenage MP.

As well as the proposed ‘New Deal’, Premier League clubs will also discuss loan transfers between associated clubs during the January transfer window.

It is thought that clubs will vote on a temporary ban, before deciding on a permanent policy at a later date.

If the ban is voted through, it would prevent Newcastle from signing Ruben Neves on loan from Saudi club Al-Hilal, as both clubs are owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

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