Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking about the upcoming summer transfer window and what could happen at the club.

Of course, there is still no guarantee yet that Pochettino will even still be in charge of the first team squad going into next season, with a meeting expected to happen soon after the final game of the season to decide the immediate future.

But the Argentine is thinking about the summer window and next season, which is completely natural as he probably has no reason not to at the moment. As he has said, until he hears otherwise, he will continue to plan for the future at Chelsea.

There is expected to be players sold and players signed at Chelsea once again this summer, with a number of positions set to be addressed.

Pochettino has confirmed that he expects there will be players who will want to leave.

In words cited by The Evening Standard, Pochettino said: “Now is going to start a period where players want to leave, maybe some offers arrive or players that we want to add to the squad. Of course, we have already started to work on this.”

What do Chelsea need this summer?

In my opinion, Chelsea need a new striker, centre back, left back, winger, and a goalkeeper. Will they get all of that and is it even possible to get all of that? Who knows. But if they really want to compete at the very top again, then these are the positions they need to sign in, and not just sign in, but sign smart in.

Victor Osimhen has been heavily linked to Chelsea, but I’m not sure we should be spending out such a big fee on one player.

We need upgrades and to improve what we have in those areas in my opinion, and we also need to add in proven and quality experience in a few positions. That’s what I believe we need.

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