Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has acknowledged the challenging situation the club faces in securing a new contract for Mason Mount.

The talented midfielder’s current contract is set to expire next season, and discussions regarding an extension have been ongoing throughout the current campaign.

With Chelsea’s recent change in ownership, significant investments have been made in acquiring top talents. However, the club has also implemented measures to maintain a sustainable wage structure, even for new signings.

This approach extends to existing players like Mount, who are expected to align their salary expectations with the parameters set by the new ownership. Unfortunately, it appears that the Englishman is not yet willing to negotiate within those constraints.

Consequently, there have been speculations linking Mount with a potential move away from Chelsea, with Arsenal reportedly interested in securing his services once the season concludes.

Lampard admits via The Daily Mail:

‘But I think also with Mason, I’d never want to stand here and talk in the modern day about what a player should do, because they’ll see it all with their own eyes.

‘In the old days, it was, “why are you leaving the club?” In the modern day, players move on. It’s a shame we’ve got into a situation where it looks like it’s happening maybe now.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mount would be a superb signing for us as we look to make an impression on our return to the Champions League.

The midfielder has been one of the finest players in the league for some time and the Blues are fighting to keep him because they know how valuable he is.

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