Liverpool’s summer plans are always considered by the club as an opportunity to visit our fans in the far corners in the world and participate in some lucrative tournaments but Jurgen Klopp often prefers to be closer to home.

However, as reported by German outlet BILD (translated), this summer may be a little different: ‘Jürgen Klopp’s (55) club was again interested in holding a camp in the luxury hotel “Überfahrt” and on the training ground of FC Rottach.

‘However, the community is said to be not so good about the Reds after the visit in summer 2017 – cleanliness in the cabins and the condition of the lawn were then complained about’.

The Reds last visited in 2017 and this resulted in a €3,000 fine and a hearing before the Munich district court because of the way in which the facilities were left by the players and staff, something which certainly shouldn’t be happening.

Even if these punishments are viewed as harsh from the facility owners, there’s no excuse for the club to be leaving any venue in such a condition and that goes for any member of the staff from the very top down.

We have seen in past years that there are of course other venues that could be used but if this is what our manager had his heart set on, then this could be a big speed bump for pre-season plans with little time to find an adequate replacement.

It’s certainly bad press and bad news at a time when we are trying to spread some enthusiasm ahead of a big summer of on and off-field activity for everyone involved.

Let’s hope new plans can be made and a new venue found, very quickly – as we look for a new home following our matches with Bayern Munich and Leicester City in Singapore.

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