Coco Gauff has offered her words of wisdom to Mirra Andreeva after defeating the 16-year-old at the French Open. The Russian teenager made a statement in her Grand Slam debut, reaching the third round as a qualifier. And based on her own experience, Gauff has urged Andreeva's parents to make the right decisions for their daughter.

Gauff had a rare experience in her latest match at the French Open, as she was the elder player by three years. The world No 6 was vastly more experienced than her opponent - teenage qualifier Andreeva.

Just months ago, the Russian was playing in the junior draw of the Australian Open. But she had come through qualifying to make her Grand Slam debut and reached the third round before falling 6-7(5) 6-1 6-1 to the American.

There were parallels between the pair - with Gauff herself making her Major debut as a 15-year-old qualifier at Wimbledon back in 2019, upsetting Venus Williams in the first round. Now 19, she has become a solid top 10 player and used her experience to offer some advice to Andreeva and her parents.

"I think really your support team," Gauff said, when asked what she would tell Andreeva she sustained her results after breaking through at a young age. "I never felt pressured by results."

The American made waves after her Wimbledon debut - signing a New Balance deal and covering Teen Vogue. But she said the key was not having any pressure from her sponsors, who weren't pushing Gauff to earn certain results at tournaments.

She continued: "I had a great family surrounded by me. Great agency surrounded by me. Great sponsors surrounded by me where I never felt pressure to do anything result-wise. Really, all the pressure was the pressure I was putting on myself, and that's always going to be the case."

And the three-time title winner said Andreeva's parents would be vital in ensuring that the right business decisions were made for the 16-year-old's career. "So that would be my advice to her. I would say more so to her parents," she added.

"Because I feel like at that age, I mean, even now, it's hard to control who you sign with, what sponsors you have, because you don't know. You're just doing it based off what your parents or whoever is telling you.

"So I would say that advice to her parents, because I'm so grateful that my parents always protected me in that sense, so I think I really was just focused on the game and not so much everything else.

"I guess the advice to her, just to do it for you. I mean, don't do it for anyone else. When you step on the court you want to make sure it's for you, and I think life and the game will be a lot more enjoyable that way."

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