The Las Vegas Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo to a three-year deal this off-season, with some fans displeased with the front office's decision.

After releasing nine-year starter Derek Carr earlier this off-season, it was believed the team would attempt to make a big swing at the position - potentially trying to facilitate a move for Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson, or looking to draft their new man.

The Raiders had been heavily rumoured to be in for Rodgers especially, who even flirted with the idea of joining the team himself - which would have reunited him with Davante Adams.

Instead though, they signed Garoppolo to a reasonably-pricy deal, suggesting he will be their starting quarterback for the next few seasons.

The move reunites him with head coach Josh McDaniels, who had spent four seasons with Garoppolo with the New England Patriots.

And on that team had been the man who Garoppolo was forced to sit behind for a number of years, in the greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady. The legendary quarterback had 'Jimmy G' nipping on his heels for years, but has had nothing but positive things to say about the quarterback - as a man and a player.

Brady has said about Garoppolo: "He's earned the trust of his teammates and the respect of his teammates and that's all you can ask for as a player."

On his team with the Niners, Brady said: "Jimmy’s done well since he got to the Niners. He has brought them to the Super Bowl, and he has just done an amazing job.

"I think anytime you deal with the adversity that he has dealt with, he had a major shoulder injury, he had a thumb injury in the playoffs last year.

"Then all he hears is that he is gonna get traded. Next thing you know, he is the starting quarterback for the same team. And I think he has handled this situation extremely well. Handled it with a lot of dignity, with a lot of grace. And he has gone out there and helped the team win games."

Garoppolo has lead the Niners to a Super Bowl during his time as a starter, but was replaced in 2022 by Trey Lance and then the emerging Brock Purdy, which lead to his release this summer.

The 31-year-old has reported interest from the New York Jets and Houston Texans before landing with Raiders on a three-year deal.

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