Christian Horner was quick to point out that Lewis Hamilton still finished '23 seconds' behind Max Verstappen, despite Mercedes showing improved pace to claim a double podium at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton was joined by team-mate George Russell as they finished in second and third respectively behind Verstappen.

The upgrades to the W14 finally seemed to take hold as Mercedes looked like a far more competitive car during the race in Barcelona.

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However, despite Horner acknowledging that Mercedes had improved with the new upgrades, he was still keen to emphasise just how big a gap there was between the Verstappen and Hamilton as they crossed the line.

"It was still 23 seconds behind at the end of the race," he told Sky Sports. "They made a good step. But we've got some stuff in the pipeline.

"They have had a big upgrade and we have got some bits coming later in the season.

"For sure it was a big step. They are a quality team and will be putting us under pressure in the second half of the year."

And such was Red Bull's dominance that Horner failed to realise in the immediate aftermath that Verstappen had actually finished 24 seconds clear of Hamilton, not the 23 that he initially quoted.

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