• A Dallas player allegedly used the n-word towards West Ham's Frank Nouble
  • Another West Ham player, Anton Ferdinand, was clearly angry in the aftermath
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West Ham's game against Dallas United at The Soccer Tournament was suspended on Thursday night when the English team walked off after allegations of racism.

DailyMail.Com understands a Dallas player used the n-word at West Ham's Frank Nouble during the inaugural event in North Carolina. 

Dallas have now left the tournament with their Friday game canceled and claimed they did so of their own choosing, despite reports elsewhere claiming that they had been disqualified.

Clips surfaced on social media of West Ham's Anton Ferdinand looking visibly irate and telling one opponent: 'Why are you looking at me for? I’ll punch you up.' 

In another, he clearly says to an opposition player: 'I am here to set a precedent, now' shortly before the team walked off the field.

Tournament organizers said in a statement late Thursday night: 'After conducting an investigation into the final moments of the match between West Ham United and Dallas United, we have concluded that Dallas United violated TST’s code of conduct. 

'We have been in dialogue with leadership from both clubs and we are all aligned that the best path forward is Dallas United withdrawing from competition. 

'All parties involved are unified in wanting to make a statement against racial insensitivity.

'We seek to run an event that is not only fiercely high stakes for all competitors, but also one in which all competitors feel safe and protected.

'As a result, tomorrow’s (Friday) game between Dallas United and Far East United has been canceled,' 

Dallas said in a statement that they chose not to continue playing in the event.

'In light of the shadow cast by an opposing player’s accusation during tonight’s match, the Dallas United players unanimously decided to withdraw from the remainder of the competition. Our coaches and staff fully support the team’s decision.

'We thank TST7v7 for the opportunity to compete in the tournament.'

West Ham were losing 2-0 at the time the incident occurred and it appears the game had got heated between the two teams. 

Clips on Twitter show some fierce challenges being made by West Ham players but it is unclear if this was directly in response to the racism allegations.

As the West Ham team walked off the field in Cary, North Carolina they were applauded by the fans who were watching on, some of which were in West Ham colors.

West Ham are scheduled to play on Friday. According to ESPN, when Ferdinand was asked what happened he simply said 'racism' and did not choose to go into further detail. 

The publication added that the referee for the game said he did not hear what is alleged to have been said. 

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