James McFadden reckons that Todd Cantwell's goal for Rangers against Motherwell should have been ruled out - despite being sent for a VAR check.

The visitors ran out comfortable winners in the end at Fir Park despite a couple of scares in Lanarkshire, with Kevin van Veen giving Stuart Kettlewell's side an early lead before James Tavernier levelled. Fasion Sakala has the visitors in front, before Bevis Mugabi levelled the game once again at Fir Park, but controversy dominated Todd Cantwell's goal that put Rangers in front. The ball was played to Sakala who pinged a cross into the box, which was eventually tapped in by the former Norwich City man.

However, the Zambian appeared to be in an offside position when Ryan Kent played him the ball. However, referee Nick Walsh was not sent to the monitor by Andrew Dallas in the VAR room and the goal was allowed to stand, with the lines at the stadium signalling that Morelos was played on by the Motherwell defence.

Speaking post match on Sky Sports, both McFadden and former Rangers man Kris Boyd questioned if the technology was working correctly. Boyd: "We are told if the red and the blue (on the VAR monitor) are overlapping it goes in the attacking player's favour. You can probably see that is what happens. Look, I think a lot of people have had their say on VAR and everything that comes with it.

"Listen, I understand it. Offside should be on or off, and we are still debating whether he is here or not. We have to go with the technology, but it's not at the elite level. We were told that there was going to be teething problems, but what are we, six months down the line? And there are still problems with it. I can understand why people are getting frustrated."

McFadden insisted he could see Sakala was offside. He went on: "If you look at the 18 yard line that is directly in line with the camera. We have to put it into perspective, as we were told the pitches are calibrated and that's how they draw their lines. Sometimes they look as though it's wrong.

"Everyone has been asking for the technology and we have it in. We have to trust it, but I have to say as that goal happened I thought it was offside. We have to go with the technology."

Boyd rounded off - insisting that the VAR technology had been put in place "on the cheap". He rounded off: "You look at the Jota goal for Celtic here a couple of months ago, it's clearly onside.

"I'm looking at it from a general view, but you are look at it and say Rangers would have probably won the game today. But they have games where teams get relegated, they might end up in the playoffs.

"They might end up in disaster if they go down. We need to make sure it's done to the best of our ability. When it came in we were told there is going to be some teething problems, and we still have got problems. Has it been done on the cheap? Maybe, but we are just going to have to get on with it."


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