Rotherham United boss Matt Taylor insists the club did everything in their power to get the game against Cardiff City back on after it was postponed due to an "unsafe pitch".

The Bluebirds started the second half with a 1-0 lead but in the middle of a sizeable downpour of rain. After two minutes, referee Oliver Langford pulled the two captains together before taking the players off the pitch.

Millers boss Taylor and Cardiff manager Sabri Lamouchi went out on to the pitch with Langford on two separate occasions to assess the conditions before the referee decided to call off the game.

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Cardiff fans, players and staff appeared angry at the seeming lack of urgency to get the game back on, understandably wanting the game to continue having taken a 1-0 lead against a relegation rival.

But Taylor said: "I understand it, totally, but if it's still unplayable 50 minutes later then it's unplayable to even try.

"I understand we've got to make every single effort we possibly can, but player safety and other issues have to be taken into account. Ultimately, the referee has to be trusted to make that decision. He'll have been in this situation before.

"We've got Howard Webb here today, who is the main man, and I'm sure we'll have gone through every single protocol possible. Everyone wanted the game to be on, but sometimes in football and in life, there are things out of your control.

"We've done everything we possibly can. Sometimes you can't control it and overcome it. We do sympathise with Cardiff, those supporters who made the journey will feel hard done by. I'm sure the club will do whatever they can to welcome them back in whatever capacity in the future."

Videos of the ground staff sweeping just the corner of the pitch, pushing the water towards the advertising hoardings and back again, were circulated by frustrated Cardiff fans, with even captain Ryan Wintle tweeting that it seemed like "banter".

On the ground staff's work, Taylor added: "You sweep one corner then the other needs to get swept. The water was all around the edges, but it was still unplayable right in the middle, which is the bigger problem in relation to the referee.

"The ball wasn't travelling, if it was in the air it stopped still. When I walked out there, in the middle it was still a couple of inches deep.

"As much as the sidelines drew everyone's eyes, because that's the most severe part, it was still unplayable. It's still unplayable now, so that probably tells you a bit of a story of how difficult the task was."

When asked by WalesOnline if he felt content that the club had done everything in their power to get the game back on, the Millers boss replied: "Yeah. There is only a limited number of ground staff and those brushes and the squeegee rollers, which you call them in cricket, I don't think we've got any of them.

"That is where we are as a Championship club. I'm sure Cardiff have got more ground staff than us and better equipment. But that can't be held against us today. Those ground staff have worked so, so hard and the fact it's still in the state it is now, even with them still continuing to work on it, tells you how bad it was."

Sabri Lamouchi was visibly angry by the decision and declined to do post-match press. And Taylor did reveal the Frenchman was perturbed by the whole scenario.

"The only gripe the Cardiff manager has was that we didn't try earlier," he said. "But if the pitch wasn't playable and 15 minutes later it wasn't playable and 15 minutes later again it wasn't playable, if we had tried it would have been chaos. It would have been how the game finished in that last minute or so.

"I understand that. I sympathise with their journey, their fans and everyone involved with Cardiff, even though it doesn't make them feel any better."

It means another schlepp up to Yorkshire for the Bluebirds and their supporters, who were excellent and in full voice in the first half, with the rearranged game starting again at 0-0.

On the rearranged fixture, Taylor said: "It will be a Tuesday night, definitely. There might be gaps at the start of our return. The EFL generally like the games to be put in at the earliest possible point, to avoid more congestion if more games are called off.

"We will see. That's out of my hands, but it'll be played in a busy month."


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