believes is not 'physically ready' for his proposed four-belt shoot-out with . The pair are expected to face each other on April 29 at London's Wembley Stadium.

However, negotiations are still ongoing as both sides go back and forth on the financial side of the deal. Usyk's team wants at least a 60-40 split of the purse.

Meanwhile, Fury is adamant he will not accept the fight unless he receives a 70 per cent lion's share of the prize pot. With the fight looking in serious doubt at the time of writing Hearn doesn't think it will happen nor does he think Fury is in shape for the contest.

"I don't think you need the time to promote it - It's a big enough fight - but time to get ready," he told iD Boxing. "Tyson Fury physically doesn't look ready for six weeks. But he never has done really, and he's proved everybody wrong before. So maybe he takes the fight.

"I think when you see a tweet like you saw tonight [Usyk's deadline] it's not a good sign, but anything's possible. I hope it gets made."

This comes after Usyk's manager Egis Klimas revealed that they have hired a British counsel to look over the contractual details of the fight with the Ukrainian's believing they haven't been given a fair shake.

Speaking to SNAC Nutrition, he said: "We've been in negotiations for the fight for three months, and Tyson Fury's side was coming back and forth with, 'we need this, we need that, Tyson wants this, he doesn't want to give tickets, the split,' this and that and that.

"We're tired, and we have obligations with other mandatory fighters, we don't want to hold them. We had the obligations with the WBA. Most likely Tyson was trying to pull a scam, bluffing, he came out in the media and said, '70-30, take it or leave it.'

"And before the negotiation, from Tyson's people, from Tyson's attorney, he came in and said Tyson wants to put in a rematch clause in the contract, and we said, 'no problem, let's put the rematch clause.'"

He added: "We're going to wait because right now we're in the process of hiring British counsel because they are going by the British rules. We are the outsider, but we can't just play by everything they throw to us. Enough is enough."

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